Fulvia Vallini

Hi, My name is Fulvia Vallini I work in the communication-PR office of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese (near Milan) I discovered “Govloop” at a public administration fair dedicated at the public administration communication (FORUM PA)
It’s just passed some month and I now understand the big differences between government and communication policies in our countries.
I am absolutely sure that many of the policies of communication that you are used to use are very useful and I am looking to find and to understand which is the better to try here in my field.
The “GovLoop” main idea to create a web of people that working togheter to share documents, policies and best practices, to build a common way to follow is the best way to semplify, and make easier ourwork and our life like citizens.

I follow with great interest your activities on this site and I discovered many interesting new ways to do communication, to use the new channels of social communication. I’m starting to try something new, I hope that the times are now ready for this.

I hope you will forgive my bad english and many thanks to everybody, GovLoop is a great place!