Trevor Robar

Hi Everyone,

I live and work in Rural Canada (Tech Bumpkin). I have always been passionate about my community and how it is governed and that is why I have taken the career path that I have, working for rural local governments or municipalities as we call them in the province of Nova Scotia. My equal passion is in GIS for local government and helping rural municipalities get over technical humps of the expanding world of Geographic Information Systems and IT as it relates to providing services to the community.

From our work with local governments I have come to understand that administrators and staff truly care what happens to their community, now more then ever. There are so many tough decisions that these special people have to make in order to sustain the quality of life and help their community grow. I love to see communities come together using technology and truly use it for the right reasons. I am passionate about community mapping, open data, buying local, and sharing the democratic experience for the betterment of the community. Personally it is my goal to become a elected official in my community so I can contribute more to the community then I ever received.

An Entrepreneur of 12 years that is supported by local government organizations that trust our small rural firm in so many important aspects of managing,distributing, and supporting the growth of their geographic information to make real decisions that better their community. So as part of my responsibilities as a citizen and service provider I need to engage and understand what is happening within local government so we can better serve our municipal clients. I hope to take in and be part of many great discussions on ideas that are grassroots and meant to serve the community.

If you get a chance check out my blogspot @ http://geomapixgateway.blogspot.ca/

See you on govloop!