Carol Curtis

Hello there — I apologize for the delay as I did not see your note until today as it has been quite busy at work!

I am also on the downhill slide towards 30 years of retirement and am also looking forward to that time.

I think if you continue to take classes to improve your knowledge and whatever areas of expertise you work in that would help you to have something to look forward to. I enjoy taking classes for work related subjects as well as for my personal improvement/knowledge. If you cannot go outside your agency to attend classes, maybe ask about bringing in some speakers who can present to your entire group. Ask around and see if anyone knows a person that could do the training presentation and maybe even some of your coworkers would be able to do the presentation.

I understand how difficult it is right now to try and keep your spirits up about work and the economic hardships we are all having…the good thing that we have jobs with benefits which is something that alot of people do not have right now! I try to remind myself and my husband all the time that even though it is difficult to be positive due to the economy right now, we are very fortunate and much better off than alot of folks (glass half full attitude I guess!)

I hope this helps – please know that your job is important and that you do make a difference to alot of people and that it will pay off!