Nattie Bokek

I am Nattie, with SphereUp, high-tech Startup Company.

We believe that we are about to revolutionize the way people connect with organizations, mainly with service- driven ones.

We offer a “Google like” smart search for contact information, that “sits” on top of an organization’s website and allows site visitors to instantly find any person, department, or function they need.

We are currently approaching municipalities, where digital consumers (prospects or customers) are generally looking for the quickest way to contact anyone (person or department) . The main feedback we are getting (following few deployments we had on City halls’ sites) is that personal communication matters, and that it was improved simply by providing visitors an instant access to contacts they need..

Blog posts here look professional ,and I like the fact that GovLoop community exchange ideas, I believe this is a great opportunity for me to learn more about this whole new world.

Nice meeting you.

Nattie, SphereUp.