Ian Lucas

Good morning everyone: Since 1994 I’ve been working with governments at all levels, to help them streamline their service delivery processes. I’m now co-owner of a tech startup, Public Service Request Inc. We provide a cloud-based service to the Public, and to Public Service Providers.

From our website, anyone can create and submit a Service Request. We promise to deliver it to the right PERSON at the right Service Provider, then keep open the channel of communication so that actual feedback is a reality. Service Requests include: Complaints; infrastructure problems; requests for information; and suggestions. All departments can be included.

For the Service Provider we deliver a comprehensive range of service request management processes and functions very close, and in some cases surpassing those found in a typical (expensive) 311 system.

The system is currently implemented at three Public Service Provider Organizations, and Users are very happy with the business process streamlining that they have achieved, along with reduced cost of service delivery in virtually any Department.

Many local government agencies aspire to implementing a 311 system, but the costs of the organizational requirements, and the time to implementation are just flat out prohibitive. We are looking for progressive Public Service Providers who see the advantages of being an early technology adopter, and have a strong desire to improve their Citizen Engagement profile. There is much discussion about all the theories. We are looking for people who just want to get on with the key components of it.

If you relate to this profile, or know colleagues who do, please get in touch. We’ll explain the straightforward implementation options and steps. It’s designed to actually be easy to implement.

We look forward to participating in the govloop community wherever we can.

Thank you. Ian Lucas. Public Service Request Inc.