Earl Rice

I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs at a Medical Center in Tennessee. Before that I worked for the Army in the DC area, before that the VA in Oklahoma, and before that for the Army at Rock Island Arsenal with the US Army Sustainment Command G1. That takes it over ten years ago. I was Active Duty with the Army for a real long time before that. In the Civil Service, I worked myself up from a GS 5 HR type to a Senior HR type (no internship, etc.). I am technically one of the Baby Boomers though I have become more and more cynical in my outlook. But that may be because I am so much closer to the end than the beginning, or that I take the Oath of Office I made serious. I am not seeking career advancement (all that would happen is it will throw me into a higher tax bracket and instead of seeing 36% of my income go to taxes; it would be above 40%). I am now looking at things at work with the outlook of how to make things easier to do my job. Don’t get me wrong, I can get down and dirty in all the HR regulations as good, and most of the times better than most. I enjoy looking at the articles on this web site, and contribute once in a while, just to reminds folks there is a lot more of the Federal Government outside of the Beltway than inside the Beltway (don’t miss that 2 hour drive to and from work either). So there we go. Oh, and someday I will get a pictures up.