Barbara Dauerty


I am no longer a government employee, but a retired USAF Officer. After 13 years as a civilian physician assistant, I joined the USAF. Continuing to work as a PA, Medical Readiness Inspector General for the Air, Education ad Training Command, Readiness Skills Verification Program coordinator for the BSCs, and chief of the Exceptional Family Member Program, making recommendations about people with family members with special medical situations, I returned to primary care before retirement in October, 2011.

The great joys in my life are my children and grandson. By children, I mean the man and woman to whom I gave birth and their spouses. I never imagined that the most important job in my life would be so rewarding. It’s wonderful that, though it changes, parenthood is employment that never ends. As productive, loving people my children are an inspiration to me.

As a retiree, I continue to give back by working as a Red Cross volunteer at the front desk of the Primary Care clinic at Randolph Air Force Base. I understand the vulnerability people feel when they are at the clinic, and believe the empathy generated helps me be more effective as a receptionist. I also volunteer at an aquarium, helping with projects and cleaning enclosures. Love of SCUBA diving was a prime motivator for this activity.

Reading and singing are my other passions, and I indulge them as often as possible. I have added to leadership experience by serving two terms as President of the San Antonio Choral Society. As Vice-President of the Bexar County Physician Assistant Society, I help organize continuing medical education for the area PAs and NPs. Some of our informational meetings are even attended by physicians. I’m part of the planning committee for the first conference the BCPAS has planned in several years.

I hope to resume part-time work as a PA in the near future. Until the right job shows up, I will continue to serve, advance my education and experiences.