Carol Garceau


I am Carol and work in state government in Wisconsin for the Department of Corrections. The last two years I have been working in Probation/Parole but I previously worked in the prison system for 13 years providing security and facilitating treatment groups. I have been lurking on this site for a while now reading articles but did not set up an account because most of the information seems very heavily geared toward Federal government employees. We have been dealing with a higher than usual level of resentment toward public employees the past two years (as well as furloughs and lost earnings the past four years), so maintaining a positive attitude has been challenging. Sadly, I am counting the days until I can ‘retire’ (aka lock in my benefits before more is taken away) and move on to something else. But while I am here, I will continue to do the best I can every day to reduce the number of new crime victims and possibly even help a few offenders become productive community members. I hope to continue to gain some helpful hints here to improve my ability to do my job effectively yet efficiently.