Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Darren Ottaway and I am the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Pelham, Ontario, Canada. I am thrilled to become apart of this network and have already been exposed to some amazing ideas and topics. I am currently working to embed a creative problem solving process in my organization with good results. The process starts with a “fuzzy situation” and them moves through eight steps: Problem Finding, Fact Finding, Problem Definition, Idea Finding, Evaluation and Selection, Action Plan, Gaining Acceptance and Action.

It is my hope that by using this process administration, Mayor and Council and the public can be effectively engaged in solving their own problems, rather than citizens looking to government for the solutions to things which may not even be the right problem to solve in the first place.

My Mayor and Council has starting using this process in Council meetings and it is incredible to see the absence of debate, division and controversy and rather, a process where all stakeholders come together to make sure they have the right problem and then work together to come to a solution.

Again, I look forward to becoming apart of this community.