Jon Auve

Greetings everyone,

My name is Jon Auve’. I am a Management Analyst with the State of Washington. I specifically work for the Department of Social and Health Services. I am responsible for providing data and analysis for a variety of programs. I have been working for the Department for 15 years. My first 10 years involved being a case manager and working directly with the people we serve. It was in my 11th year that I was given the opportunity to work for our Headquarters office and start pulling data, building databases, and reporting out analysis on the benefits we provide. I have had the opportunity to provide PowerPoint presentations with data and analysis to the Governor of Washington on two different occaisions. I have been involved with planning and implementing new programs and reports to be used agency-wide. I found this to be my true passion. I get to explain to high ranking public officials and communities on the amount of services we provide on a monthly basis. I travel to different sites and review their processes and make recommendations for improvement as well as share with other offices any successes.

The opportunity to learn more about Government and how to gain knowledge and additional skills has me very excited. I look forward to talking with everyone on the site as well as learning from each of you.