Tod Wulff

Good day. My name is Tod Wulff. I am a former US Marine (MOS 6353) now working in the Aerospace and Defense Industry Segment as a Director of Government Programs at an aviation services provider. I work from my home office in SE Michigan. Our headquarters are here in the Midwest.

I’ve joined the community, as a member of industry, in order to gain access to tools that will help me keep abreast of those issues and dynamics that affect my customer base (primarily folks in the US Military and civilians in the US Public Service sectors).

I look forward to contributing when able and appropriate. Thank you for the opportunity to join and introduce myself. Take care.

-Tod Wulff

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/todwulff/

p.s. Steve (or other site admins), as an FYI, please note that the sub-communities link in this thread’s initial post (https://www.govloop.com/communities) is borked at the moment. It is 404’g.