David Meza

I too am a constant reader. My wife often wonders how I can read multiple books at the same time. I tell her it’s easy since they are all different. I try to read one technical, one professional and one, what I call “brain candy”.

That being said, I recently read two books that have helped me immensely. I both give and sit through many power point presentations, sometimes very painful presentations. I did not want to be that type of presenter. Presenting to Win, The Art of Telling Your Story and In the Line of Fire, How to Handle Tough Questions. . . When it Counts, both by Jerry Weissman. After reading these books and putting their methods to use, I have greatly improved my presentation skills and received several compliments. I even received a few thank yous at conferences.

For anybody that has to endure long presentations, I hope you give them a try and see for yourself.