Your comment made me think of something that has helped me tremendously – the Buddhist concept of mindfulness (when I make the effort to actually practice it!). Being present in the moment, rather than caught up in this, that, or the other thing, has proven extremely successful for me at work. Along with mindfulness is the idea of acceptance — of people, of situations, etc. And finally, compassion. I had a very difficult situation with a supervisor once. For a long time I was just really frustrated, but once I started viewing her with compassion and acceptance, life became much easier. (As in, “how sad that she is such a bitter person” rather than “That b*tch!”). The difference in emotional energy presented by these two approaches is palpable.

Regardless of your personal spiritual beliefs, I think these concepts can be extremely helpful in the workplace – maybe even moreso in government/politics. There are many, many books out there that specifically apply these concepts to our daily, Western lives. Shambala Publications has many, as does http://www.dharma.net/monstore — and myriad other sites.