Hello, I’m a federal Career Intern (FCI) at HuD and I would suggest your friend begin by looking at the type of work he/she would like to do then target that department. At HUD we have the FCI program, MBA fellows, legal honors and Presidential Mgmt Fellows all under the HUD Fellows umbrella. while the first two are very similar, aside from the fact all MBa fellows hae an MBA or equivalent degree. the latter two programs have some particular differences. Most of the FCIs at HUD are not neccessarily recent college grads and their is a good mix of us with advanced degrees too beyond the Bachelors level. I saw HUD’s posting for Federal career Interns on the USA jobs website when I was job hunting and I noticed that HHS and treasury also had FCI postings at that time as well. So that’s probably a good place to begin as for any govt. job.Hope this helps and best of luck to your friend,
I don’t know about the GPA requirement but at HUD the number of interns hired is substantial, ~40 or more in 2008 placed but locally and in the field. We are required to do two target assignments(at the beginning and end of the 2 year period) in our target office and a minimum of 3 3 month rotations (all within HUD offices during the 2 year development program). I think the program here at HUD is very good and I highly recomend it.