Lovisa Williams

I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to agragate (yeah wish this thing had spellcheck!) all the information out there. I have used Zoho wiki and Zoho Notebook as way for all of us to add to our team’s knowledge. We have also tried Google Notebook which is feed by all of our Google Reader streams. We use Google Alerts for some general topics and also to track reaction to specific events we produce. We are currently exploring using FriendFeed and other lifestreaming products.

I also hand pick certain people to follow on Twitter who help point me in the right direction of interesting things to read or resources to tap. I especially like those people who have a wide range of interests and who are constantly bringing new ideas and concepts to the table. Better yet, if they challenge a preconceived idea that I might already have. 🙂 Twitter definitely helps me maximize the little time I have on those days when I can’t go through my Google Reader and Google Alerts. It ensures I am not completetly out of the loop. And here people think I am texting my friends or some other social activity in a meeting when in reality I am just catching up on the great tweets people send me! 🙂