Michelle Gardner

Since the thread starts with Second Life this seems like the right place to look for suggestions. I am crossing my fingers you guys can help me! I have posted this is other SL Government groups so I apologize for those of you who have already seen this request.

As part of a team at the University of Central Florida we were awarded a small grant that will be used to recruit and train college students from both UCF as well as Valencia Community College to be poll workers for the Fall 2010 elections. There will be a specific undergraduate course offered at UCF focusing on citizen engagement (for more info on the class http://www.iog.ucf.edu/ids3930.pdf). This course requires all students to complete the poll worker training. All the poll worker training is virtual in SL. Our SL polling place is currently under construction and we are hopeful it will be complete in the next two weeks. We are building on NMC space leased by UCF.

As part of the SL orientation I am going to send the students on a scavenger hunt in SL to various government sites. Of course I know of NASA and NOAA but I am hopeful you all can recommend some smaller sites? I am particularly interested in how local governments might be engaging the SL platform. I would be grateful for your assistance and guidance in locating one or two places to use for my students.

Thank you for your time an attention. I look forward to your responses.