Walter Neary

I’m not sure how much time you have for the question, but there’s a lot out there about the potential of Second Life and virtual worlds, some of which I’ve noted at http://delicious.com/wtneary/virtual_worlds One relevant click would be http://www.publictechnology.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=17678

It’s kind of like Govt 2.0 … greater applications are coming, and if you can identify them, start a company …

I do enjoy Second Life and not for the reason a lot of people seem to as I’ve no desire to have virtual sex with a squid or vampire. But that said, I have met some wonderful people from around the world at some amazing events such a book discussion about Emerson that included a brilliant and incisive participant who was a monocled Teddy bear. It’s a new world out there … If anyone tells you ‘oh, Second Life is just about sex’ then they will likely be saying a few minutes later ‘everyone who works for government is lazy and overpaid.’ ‘Nuff said.

But now it appeals to hobbyists, I think. I put my company name into my avatar and said if you have an issue with my company, let me know, and I have heard absolutely zip and zilch. I bet someone else on this board might have been involved in political activity in Second Life, though, and they may want to chime in.