Steve Radick

That’s sort of true, but not because we don’t intermingle, but because most of our clients require on-site support. So if we win a contract at the Pentagon for a social media FTE, that person is gonna have to live in the DC area because they’re going to have to be at the Pentagon every day. There are a few (not many) contracts that allow the people to be located wherever, but we can’t just hire people for those roles as they’re typically project-specific. What if we just hired someone to work a contract remotely from their home in Alaska, but then that contract ends? What do we do with that person then? This issue has very little to do with office space and everything to do with our contracts, clients, and long-term support that we can provide. Believe me – I’d LOVE to be able to freely hire people across the country as it’d allow us to hire a lot more talented individuals, but the fact of that matter is that a majority of our federal government clients are based in the DC area and want people who can be there, physically.