Steve Ressler

Never made the transition myself but my general advice:

1 – Read Lily Whiteman’s book – “Tips on Landing a Top-Paying Federal Job.” Cheesy title, but awesome info.
2 – Network – reach out and talk to everyone you know. Emails/phone calls – 5 to 10 minute informational interviews
3 – Career Services – I think there are sites and people in military that are supposed to help you make the transition. Not sure if they are really valuable.
4 – Do you have a clearance? If so, go to clearancejobs.com and all those career fairs. You’ll get a job in about 5 minutes if you are breathing, have an IQ over 50, and aren’t crazy.
5 – If you went to USNA they have crazy awesome alumnis. See if you can tap into the alumni association or career services. I know there are a lot of succesful Naval Academy grads that will always take the time out to help a recent grad that needs a little help.
6 – Tons of posting on GovLoop. Reach out to those people. Search GovLoop and introduce yourself to people who fit your interest (in a polite not crazy stalker way)

What’s your specialty? Send me your resume – [email protected] and I’ll send it to people who may be in need of your skills.