Alice M. Fisher

From a descriptive language standpoint is the Internet a Proper Noun?
or is it a regular everday common noun?
Our U.S language semantics indicate, historically, that it is a proper noun.

Is it still a Proper Noun?
Why is the I in Internet important ( or not) in further defining the evolving Internet?

The Internet began in North America and was normalized and standardized here in the U.S?
Let’s dig deeper on examing the evolution of the Why of I vs. i?

Being a communications person by trade, I know that newspapers, newswires, periodicals, and technical journals also capitalize the term. I know my AP Journalism Style Guide uses a capitol I.

Examples include, The New York Times, the Associated Press, Time, The Times of India, Hindustan Times and Communications of the ACM.

The American Psychological Association, in its electronic media spelling guide, capitalizes “Internet.”

Other Sources Use Capitol I for Internet also include

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Any other thoughts regarding the why of using i vs. I? ????

Alice Fisher