Dr D.C.Misra

Omg! I thought it was a difficult question (and still think it is), and yet you cracked it, 100 out of 100. My congratulations and a very deep appreciation. But do tell me where did you find the answer? (Incidentally Google was also of no help to me in first five pages after which I gave up.). As a token of my appreciation I will separately send you my quiz on Internet (together with answer key no doubt) which you may like to glance through at your convenience.And you have virtually snatched the baton from the hands of Daniel who has been declared winner of the last question by Alice who did a wonderful job as a judge despite holidays. Daniel has now to wait for his turn next year! You have now become the judge for the next question, not of the week but for the “Question of the Year 2008,” which you have to pilot. Just check next discussion and take over. And thanks a lot, Adriel.

Here is wishing happy holidays to every one who responded to questions.