Dr D.C.Misra

Hi, Adriel. You have done a geat job! Not have you given a sound verdict but also given reasons for it. So we settle at the answer: E-government at the beginning of a sentence and e-government otherwise. And thanks for passing the baton to Vickey.

Congratulations, Vickey, for winning a tough contest. I will be posing the next question of the week in a new thread. So check the discussion and pilot it. As far as this thread is concerned, as Adriel says, it is closed.

As a new year gift to members of e-government group, I will post my entire Cyber Quiz-1: The Internet on my blog. So check it in due course. (My advice: Don’t rush through it. Read one question at a time and think over it. And if you have teenagers in your family do pass it on to them. Of course, the same applies to your collegues too. After all it’s free. And I hope GovLoop does not treat it as spam).

Happy new year and have a nice day.

P.S. Adriel, if you think it is too personal a question, just ignore it with my apologies. Otherwise I would like to know: what does “Adriel” mean, who gave you this name and why?