Alice M. Fisher

I am doing a quick new years resolution self check. It’s April. How are the rest of you all doing? Adriel? Michelle? Monica do you have a bigger Veg Patch yet? ( I came across non hybrid seeds that can be bought on line) and Bernadette have you learned more about Web 2.0? Any others want to chime in? đŸ™‚
Here is my personal status update: Not significant, but a little bit of progress.

1) Be More Prepared in 2009 (bought six bottles of lamp oil, new flashlights, basic candles at Walmart, obtained 6 used/free 5 gallon water bottles-recycled for storage, and bought 25 lbs of rice, went through me kit in my vehicle and stored $15 for gas emergency not much but steps).
2) Spend more time with family members ( spent time with daughter having pancakes, talking on phone & time with son in law and grandson visited, had a few wii competitions with daughter and her boy friend)
3) Get my next belt in Martial Arts ( yep)
4) Keep playing Soccer for one more year (maybe not on three leaques though) Found a tough treatment for achellis that is supposed to work ( it ain’t fun) and am signed up for spring. I am playing! Woooohooo.

Now must focus on the others for the rest of the year!

Volunteer to help others
Help/Volunteer in the Fight Against Homelessness
Scan My critical Important documents and put on a secure USB Drive
Back up my hard drive
Organize my photography images
Finish my 2005 Debris Management Hurricane Photobook