My COG class is giving me plenty of fodder for the self-improvement list.

I’ll continue working on building professional networks, focusing more on people and relationships than on activities and goals.

In my work environment I’m working on the behaviors listed in Stephen Coveys The Speed of Trust, and helping my management team in particular to work on trust issues from a team building perspective.

Even though I found Covey’s tone a bit of a turn-off, I acknowledge that what he says has value. His point that the first wave of trust is self-trust, I have taken to heart. Do I trust myself enough to make a commitment to improve my health and fitness and stick to it? I know that I need to lose about 20 lbs, and I know that I have to use both diet and exercise to accomplish this. I’m tired of trying things for a day or a week, then giving up. I ALWAYS fulfill commitments to others, but not so much when I’m the only one who will suffer. I resolve to turn this around in 2009.