Alice M. Fisher

Hi GeekChick. Great response. Boy did you get my attention on the Art comment you slid in there.
I LIKE your fledgling artist and selling your art resolution!

What type of artistic focus? I’d love to hear more.
Are there any other artists in the house doing the same thing?
What kind of art style, medium etc?

Are you thinking of applying Web 2.0 strategies to get the word out about your art in the future?
Ebay, Galleries? Art shows?
On the road at art and craft shows all over the country?

I used to manage an e-commerce website for rural artisans over 50 a few years back.
I am a dabbling artist as well, but do not commit enough time to this passion for myself.

It is always hard to be a true artist and then also be a marketeer/business owner,
sometimes so hard to do because real art take alot of time to create, and then so does the business side of it. Finding the balance in doing both is key. I went to a Thomas Kincade presentation at an Art Guild I used to belong to in Sacramento before he won the Arts in the Parks contest and launched into his Painter of Light brand. He studied under Norman Rockwell, on how to become a prolific artist and from a marketing standpoint. He said in the day and age ( 1980s statement) very few people create art to last for generations of time, but for maybe for a generation. I think that whole concept/statement he made since then has even moved forward to mean art’s duration for an even shorter time frame.