Alice M. Fisher

Alex wow, these are very specific!
I wonder if there are any resource links other people can add to help your goals?
Are there any photographers out there?

Avid Hiker Hiking. Hmmmm, will this be while doing all the other goals at the same time? LOL
What will your Master’s Program be? Public Communication? If so AU has a great weekend graduate program! I am an AU Graduate, so I have some bias towards their excellent program, although it was a “few” years ago.

Here are some Hiking sources. Maybe there are others on Govloop that are hiker and have some suggestions as well.
My favorite strenuous hikes arel in the Shanandoah’s
Montgomery County, MD Hkers

Local Hikes Nationwide Click On DC Link. You will not get bored!

Maybe you could organize GovLoop Day Hikes from the list and others of us can help support you and Adrial’s fitness and weight goals and wear our new GovLoop T-shirts from the winning design. (GRIN)