Marissa Levin

The best leader I have ever worked for is Barak Obama. I am so proud to be an American. We finally have an Administration that truly reflects America! I am very inspired to get involved at the political levels and I have never been motivated to do that before. Before this Administration, I always felt that the political landscape was a different and unreachable world from mine, yet I know I have so much to offer as a successful business leader. I am so proud to own a company that serves our government. We are doing amazing work with incredible people that serve our country, and I truly feel that the work we are doing for all of the agencies we serve is improving the United States.

From an Agency perspective, Information Experts is really working with some phenomenal people. We are doing incredible work for the FDIC. We have designed and developed the Money Smart Curriculum for Young Adults which educates this population on the financial and economic infrastructures. It ensures financial literacy, and is a proactive strategy to prevent in the future the problems that currently plague our country. We are now designing the Money Smart curriculum for the general population to help citizens get out of their difficult situations and rebuild their financial security. These are free government programs that really make a difference!

We also work with some incredible people at EPA, DLA, USAID, IRS, Dept of Ed, and DoD. These are just some of our clients. Really too many people to mention.

But one of my favorite government leaders is Jen Setian, Chief of the OPM TMA Office. The OPM TMA Office is a very successful business model, and it is largely because of Jen’s exceptional leadership.

Also, Ana Harvey, President Obama’s appointed Administrator of the Women’s Business Ownership Office within the SBA. This office is so vitally important to women and to the small business community – and therefore to the entire business community – and Ana has the passion, commitment, experience, integrity, and intelligence to ensure the Office lives up to its potential and mission.

And Mauricio Vera, who runs the Small Business Office at USAID (previously at NRC) – he is exceptional too. He is so incredibly committed to the small business community, and to the mission of USAID.