Andre Goodfriend

I agree with the majority that it’s beneficial to have this as an open system.

I would personally prefer that more fields in a person’s profile be required, but even this would stop people from making up information. In the month or so that I’ve been on Govloop, I’ve come across three spammers. One was a person with a near empty profile, no postings except for the uploading of a video, who wanted to be “friends” and two others like “helen” from yesterday who sent a similar message and asked that I contact them at an external email.

I have to assume that there are security risks here and anything written here could be printed publicly or taken out of context. But, that’s the nature of an open system, and I have to behave and write accordingly.

In many ways it’s probably good practice for us to write and interact, knowing that this is an open environment. It lets us maintain an informal style, while all the forcing us to interact in a professional manner.