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Pam Broviak

I will set up the initial project development page then on MuniGov just for the purpose of laying out our plan and building the outline and subject matter. I agree with you that Google sites is probably not robust enough to house something like this. I have a small wiki also on wikidot and like it, but I think this could grow to the point we might want software and a server where we are not limited by size so Mediawiki might be best.

We will also need to eventually decide where to host it. Although I have space on the server that houses my own websites, I think we would be better off having an official government host this just to make sure we are not dependent on one individual. The other option is to make MuniGov a legal entity and have the group host it.

I guess we could also have that discussion on the final software and resting place on the project development site. As for the interest, I have to think there would be a lot of interest in wanting the resource, but not so sure how many people will be willing to populate it. We have been very lucky with the current MuniGov site – so many dedicated people have posted incredible information about social media and how best to use it in local government. Hopefully we will continue to get the same response as we move into other subject matter!

Thanks for implementing this Wayne!