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Allen Sheaprd


I thought about what you wrote last night and see more of your poing. Notability is a problem. The information about local governments is particular to that area and would not be in an encyclopedia.

How to find that information – one suggestion sit at the information desk. Procedures and department charts are easy to put on the web. Answers to questions may be more difficult. At a leadership conference they spoke about doing someone else’s job for a day. He ran the sprawling Williamsburg convention area with 60 historic buildings, tannery, gift shops, churches, etc. Each week he picked on job to do. One day he picked grounds keeper. It was an eye opener. He got asked more questions about roads, gitft shops, food, bathrooms, tickets, shows, etc. Why? Because all the “official” people where too busy working. The grounds folk where not “busy” and so they where the interface between the tourist and Willansburg. He started training the grounds folk to be polight and act as omibudsmen.

I think the information desk would help not only with FAQ but get a sense of how the citizens feel.

Hope this is on the right track.