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Mandy Ellifritz

I created an internal wiki for my section so that we could answer some of the hard and frequently asked questions. We run a hotline for Texas environmental issues for small business and local governments. Most information these customers need is available via our website, but sometimes we get the “off the wall” questions. As none of our staff are expected to be experts in every aspect of TX environmental regulations, we have the wiki and a listserv that can be searched. We also do have experts that can be coordinated wiith, but it’s helpful to have that information available instead of tracking someone down. I’m currently using PBWiki due to server limitations, but I would eventually like to go to MediaWiki and create a “Everlasting Wealth of Knowledge” Wiki (EWOK Wiki) 🙂

A wiki for government regulations would be great, but there are many, and it would take much dedication to keep it current. That being said, I’m in.