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Wayne Eddy

Wikipedia has articles has articles about current & future events.
I think Wikipedia’s notability policy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability is the main reason it can’t be used as the repository for some of the learnings coming from GovLoop.

I do think that “Govloopedia” could compliment Wikipedia though. Government related issues & definitions could be thrashed out in Govloop until a consensus is reached and then documented in “Govloopedia”.
Notable items could be added to Wikipedia, and reverenced back to Goloop/Govloopedia.

No idea why the link didn’t work for you, I believe the servers are located in US, so you should have even better access than me. I am able to see the site without a problem. Try typing “LGAM” into google and following the link. Has anyone else in the US had trouble reaching the site?

Regards, Wayne