Andy Willis

You are wise beyond your years. The fact is that the pendulum has been swinging from side to side since the beginning of time. Every member of a society has a role to play in helping to shape the plan that drives it. They do so whether they decide to engage or not. If they decide to not get involved, they are contributing to the side with the loudest or most persuasive voice.
My sincere concern is that the very thing you have described here “swinging pendulum” happens because each new player in the game must make a more dramatic and splashy entry – our society can’t continue to flex like this. We like other great societies before us will perish if we do not “calm down” and get some fiscal sense about us. Rome can burn after all – and it is up to everyone of us to keep that from happening to our great country.

Leland, thanks for engaging! I hope that you continue to be passionately engaged in the future of the country that you own. You are GREAT and have GREATNESS to add to America.

The following passage is something I wrote to give to young men that are graduating from high school and heading off to college:

We are known and remembered by our character.
We are weighed by our contributions.
We are measured by how far we will go.
In the end, the things we have built and bought will be scattered to the wind with little to no regard for our wishes or feelings.
And our only measurable contribution will be found in the lives that we have touched to make better, stronger or safer.
Live your life in such a way that your contributions are never forgotten.