Andy Willis


Let me start by saying thank you for your service! Your commitment to me, my family and our nation is among the most honored gifts I enjoy in this life.

Those who continue to serve along side you will be better for your words here in this forum today and for your desire to be a brave agent for change.

I am not qualified to even begin discussing the very complex budget practices of the DoD. And I suspect that the old phrase about “being as difficult as turning a Battle Ship around” might apply when trying to change the massive budget of the military – possible, but slow and difficult. But as true as that might or might not be, the fact is that the budgeting, acquisition and spending process can be changed.

That old “spend it or loose it” thing is not confined to the DoD or the Federal Government either. It happens all the way down through the government, even in small towns. Seems to me that we should have a mechanism in these budget management programs that utilizes a checks and balances. How about a program that rewards individuals for getting the job done and saving millions or possible billions of dollars in the process? And I guess it is really impossible to use Zero Based Budgeting in the military – right?

Again, thanks for your service and willingness to step out today and make a stand for what is right!

…perform the extraordinary, even when the ordinary is acceptable…