Allen Sheaprd


I agree with Andy. Just driving around Mexico and other countries out side of the city is an eyeopener.

I’m not talking about the war zones. I’m talking about developing countries. The economic problems we have are far less.

I’m much slower to judge happyness. There are poor countries with less where people are relaxed and safe. US citizens and other people go *there* to vacation to get away from all our technology.

I do not want to see our freedom, privacy, health, security, resliance and self determination evaporate. That is a long list. To me they are all important.

Jerry – when you speak of “a day off” it really is ‘a’, one, (1), day off. It is not the normal 40 hr work week but much more.

The worst I heard of was last year 2008. people in Haiti where mixing dirt and butter together. Source:http://noorslist.com/2008/04/17/poor-haitians-resort-to-eating-dirt-mud-cakes/ That was before the economic downturn.