Andy Willis


I am so “in-tune” with your point. I lived in Nicaragua, for a year and a half and then in Honduras for another year. And for more than 15 years I travelled all over Central America (every country).

Having spent that time in the very depths of these very poor countries allows a citizen of this great country to understand how GREAT we have it.

But, it also helps one understand the significance of those economies reliance on the US economy. Virtually all of Central America links its financial health to that of the US. If we are struggling, the people of Central America feel it almost immediately. Aside from the obvious dollars that are sent down there from immigrant workers that have somehow made their way to the US to work, there are the investment mechanisms that create HUGE economic flow. For instance, in Honduras the “Maquila” operations employee hundreds of thousands of people producing goods for the US. Without sales in the US, these operations immediately layoff employees (with no severance or notice, by the way). Other examples are, the hundreds of thousands of US retirees living in all of these countries. When their retirements decline the economies of some of these towns and villages can completely fold up.
So, I agree that we are blessed far beyond most others on the planet. However, the very survival of our great nation that I spoke of in my initial posting helps to create a basic survival for millions of other people around the world.
Remember what the stewardess says to us in here pre-flight brief “make sure you put the oxygen mask on yourself before you try to help others”. We need some oxygen, because if we don’t get some, we are not going to be able to help others get any and we will be dead!