Pam Broviak

I agree that the politicians are not in touch with what is really going on and how the laws they pass impact the country – particularly financially. I realize each law has some type of study done to indicate to them the financial impact, but this seems to fall short of reality.

Here is a perfect example of how the laws they passed, with all good intentions, have led to a complete waste of tax payer’s money:

We are planning a road project that will be paid for with federal highway money. This involves the removal and replacement of existing pavement. Because the sanitary sewer below needs to be replaced, we have to perform underground construction. Based on the DOT’s interpretation of environmental laws, the need for underground construction along with the fact that every point in our city is within a mile of a CERCLIS site, the city is required to perform an extensive environmental study of the roadway to ensure there were are contaminants.

Now this roadway runs through an entirely residential subdivision that was initially farm land and was subdivided in about 1910. The method of construction back then was not to haul material from miles away for backfill – they put back what they took out. So there is really 0% chance for contamination from the CLERCLIS sites in this area. However, because of the laws and the interpretation, we are spending money. Money that could have actually gone to help protect the environment.

So maybe we could start sending in comments on existing laws that are not only wasteful but they don’t achieve the intended goals and actually take money away from where it could do some good.