Allen Sheaprd

Christa, Andy,

Hi. You are getting me on board. Keeping things stable, the alarm bells running while we put the fire out.

the “bubble” most politicians live within – yes. I do not think it is out of arrogance or stupidity. I think most have lost touch. Many people do not write in with suggestions. “We the people” does mean we, the people.

Cutting ear marks – great.
Changing rewards – instead of “look how much pork I brought to the state” look at how we cut the budget.
Creating new revenue streams –
Reducing outlays – healthy people, more empowerment so peopel are off the public dole.
Finding a way not bail out companies but protect the workers.
More public service to support what the government does.
No American is disposable, destin to failure or waste.

List is long enough. What do you think?

BTW, the public debt should go up another few billion today. IMO we need to spend to keep people employed but we can not do it on credit cards or printing money.