Hank Racette


I think you’re correct that we are in a crisis, but it is a crisis created inadvertently by government, and being exploited deliberately by the current administration and congress to further a foolish and destructive government expansion.

Obama relies heavily on the intellectual conceit that asserts that government is generally competent as a regulator of the market, if only sufficiently intelligent people are calling the shots. History has demonstrated that this is not the case: command economies fail. In fact, partially-command economies fail in proportion to the degree to which they suffer from central planning.

This is not even a reasonably debatable case, and we give too much credit to the statists if we pretend that it is. America has prospered for two centuries largely because government has wisely allowed the market to function relatively unimpeded. The free market is the demonstrably effective system which has brought unparalleled wealth to hundreds of millions of Americans. Our market is the envy of the world. Obama would now replace that with a centrally planned, command economy, a model which has never worked, not even when applied in microcosm by our own government. To pretend that the de facto takeover of the management of finance, health care, manufacturing, etc., will succeed, let alone improve the economy, is foolish.

Obama may well believe that he and his chosen few can out-think the market, can make better decisions than millions of free citizens, and that this is a rare exception where the benefits of monstrous deficits will exceed the future costs. But Obama has repeatedly demonstrated both a contempt for, and a lack of understanding of, the free market. Nothing in his career–which has, after all, consisted almost entirely of collectivist racial grievance-mongering–has required that he understand the market, but rather has placed him consistently in opposition to market forces. As president, his anti-market policies place him in opposition to American industry and productivity, and will inevitably act against the economy and against recovery.

Obama and his Democrat enablers in congress are throwing away with both hands what generations of American soldiers died to protect, a tradition of freedom and individualism that has served us well and made us the most successful nation in the world. They are fools to do so. If we don’t act soon to correct this misguided course, our children and grandchildren will be pay a high price for our inaction.

Hank Racette