Andy Willis

I have no argument whatsoever with Andre (or you for that matter) with respect to keeping things maintained and improved as needed. I am in no way suggesting that we wait to fix our school systems, infrastructure or communications platforms. And the mere suggestion that it is an “either – or” proposition is short sighted. The conversation that we are having is framed in the context of our current fiscal state and the looming debt that we are taking on to supposedly avert a disaster. At least that is the way it has been proposed to the public by the administration and even those in congress. But, if we simply step back and take a look at the BIG picture we will see that there are several other ways to accomplish these very worthy pursuits.
Better utilization of the current resources is where we need to start. Saying the house is on fire and we need to buy a shiny new fleet of fire engines is crazy. We need to start by hooking the hose up properly to the hydrant that we have and opening it up to apply water. While that is a simplistic approach to some very complex problems (and I understand that they are complex) we must start by better using the dollars that we have now. We have gotten lazy and have programs that waste BILLION$. Let’s start by taking a serious look at where we can streamline programs, eliminate waste and completely cut stupid spending. And if we suggest that there is not BILLIONS of dollars of the latter, we are not being truthful.
Education, infrastructure, communications, our medical system and disaster readiness are all getting dollars now and they need more – so let’s give those programs more. But, let’s insist on the efficient use of the dollars that we have before we start leveraging the future of our children. Our economy is retracting whether we like it or not and to increase a debt load that is disproportionate to the GDP and actual economic growth is reckless and corrupt.