Allen Sheaprd


I have to agree with Andre. Just like at home I can not stop spending money. Bills and repairs are due.

However – even just 3% APR on $11,124,519,301,253.21 is huge!

At home I have to look at what is comming in and live within that to avoid using credit cards. Cash is simple and the check book is the best accountant. This is why I can pay my mortgauge(sp?) even if I can not spell it.

I have watched jobs go over seas and the public debt rise from Pres R Regan saying “One trillion dollars, a number almost unimaginable” to 11 times that unimaginable number.

I would like to put everyone to work.

What revenu streams could be tapped – other than taxing illegal drugs?

How does governemt help instead of enable?

How do we stop the economic bleeding?

Difficult one – what can we sell that does not deplete our natural rescources or pollute our country?