Cindy Lou Baker

I’m afraid so. I’m a simple GS-5 who has extra time because I work the graveyard shift. I do the required work and then have to wait for other events to happen. My concern is that someone might divulge more information than they should. Right now, this is open to just about anyone. Even people from other countries (like Helio are here, curious about how our government works. Who knows what they’re going to think after looking around in here and what they might find. After some consideration, I removed the Job Corps logo from my little group because of possible negative implications. Am I wrong to be “experimenting”? I’m hoping this knowledge can benefit my career later on but for now, it’s a truly positive place that’s moving forward. I’m glad you’ve posed the question though. It reminds us all that we have to be careful about information sharing. I suppose our IT person would run something like this (but they don’t have as much to say as I do…heehee.)