Ed Albetski

I’ve participated in a great many discussions about Web 2.0 recently. The security concerns for agencies that deal with PII or classified material can be real and precautions need to be in place if they open certain of these sites to their employees. Other concerns are legal. A United States Federal Agency cannot be subject to a state court and this is a part of most of those agreements folks just click through. Most of the EULAs also say that the site can change the terms of the agreement anytime they want. Oh yeah, the Government is going to agree to that. (Various Indian tribes signed treaties like that with the US Government. How’s that working out for them?) So while an INDIVIDUAL can join, having a government agency own an account on many of these sites involves lawyers, and we all know that that is about as much fun as involving the budget folks. Hmm. Line items, parties of the first part, blah, blah, blah… Better to go lie down with a cold towel on your head. This is only worth it if you have a slambang business case. Like Vince Lombardi told one of his Packers he caught sneaking out of camp, “If you find something out there worth $1000 (the fine for breaking curfew in 1960), wake me up and take me with you!”