Andre Goodfriend

Good summary (although “build it” should include “procure it” or “integrate it”)

Regarding the follow up questions, I strongly believe that the subject matter experts, or task for supervisors, or whoever is in charge to the actual “business process” should be responsible for the content and its moderation. Webmasters and the IT staff can help create a facilitative environment and make sure thet everything works like it should, but the content should be seen as an extension of the business process.

Imagine if this were a physical task force. One would expect the person in charge of the task force to be engaged in the actual issue for which the task force was created, and not someone from the staff that booked the room and provided the filing cabinets, white boards and notepads.

Creating a faciltative environment on the IT side can mean incorporating tools like a content management system that enables subject matter experts and business process managers to be responsible for their own content and processes, while enabling the IT side to maintain the overall system.