John Younkin

One of the bigger challenges with Gov 2.0 is that the business needs to drive the need. It is not a “If you build it” they will come mentality. This approach leads to the Wild Wild West issues that drive security and public affairs crazy. The best approach that I have found is to find a business problem and solve it with Web 2.0 technologies that come complete with a security framework, a good governance plan and a training program to get older generational workers to adapt to the newer techologies. Let’s face it, communication is happening at many organizations now, Web 2.0 just makes it faster, richer, and provides more flexibility as to the communication methods that work best for particular workers. At the end of the day there must be some reasonable use policy on all Sociall networking tools, backed up with annualy refresher training and some technical controls to prevent the inadvertant release of PII data.