William B Ball

Witness by Chambers
Geekanomics by Rice
But wait there’s more by Stern
The Road to Serfdom by Hayek
Cult of the Amateur by Keen
MeltDown by Woods

Geekanomics is great for the Information Assurance types who deal with C&A issues.
Witness is a very long read about the person who testified against Alger Hiss
But Wait there’s More is pretty quick read and interesting look at the infomercial world
Road to Serfdom was book that influenced Reagan about his free market outlook
Cult of the Amateur is pretty interesting read about the influence of the internet
Meltdown is a good but gloomy look at the reasons for the recession we are in

Good question and topic. In the last several months I’ve been making a conscious effort to go back to reading more and surfing less. When my kids were little some 20+ years ago I relished the hour or two of free time a week to read a good book. Now that they are grown there is no good reason not to read more — internet is like fast food information at times.

I will have to look up Shack. Hadn’t heard about that one.