Paul van der Hart

After reading the fabulous Shakespeare biography by Peter Ackroyd I got hooked: one after the other I also read “London The Biography”, and “Thames: Sacred River”. Peter Ackroyd achieves an amazing result by describing a city and a river in the form of a biography. It makes the subject become alsmost human, touchable en alive.

The books are a wonderful read.

When I found out that (Lord) Melvyn Bragg had also written a biographical adventure story about a language, I couldn’t wait. “The Adventure Of English” is a fascinating adventurous tale about the development and history of the English language.

Most recently I have been spoiled by Arrow Books Publishers: they are currently re-publishing the complete works of Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, who brought us the Britishest Couple Ever: Jeeves and Wooster. I have ordered my local bookshop to keep me in Wodehouses for the time to come.

And booklovers out there…. do you also find yourself using amazon and the like merely as an online catalogue? And after discovering the ISBN you’ll find yourself running to the nearest *real* bookstore? Nothing as cosy and warm as browsing through a real bookstore, breathing in that smell of fresh ink and paper….

So please: keep supporting your local bookstores!