Gabriela Dow

Local news is all about real estate for me right now (San Diego), so I check http://www.sdlookup.com and http://piggington.com otherwise it’s KPBS radio.

State – I get a kick out of Jon & Ken on KFI (LA radio station, though that’s more entertainment) and we subscribe to the SD Union Tribune.

National tends to be CNN (Anderson Cooper is a favorite) or WSJ.

Herald Tribune has been a constant since I used to live in Spain so I check their site every few days for a more global outlook http://global.nytimes.com/?iht (or rely on friends from abroad via Facebook to fill me in)

Web news I hate to admit sometimes ends up being a quick glance a YahooNews as a default login checking email at night — otherwise I get ICMA news feeds and enjoy American City & County online.