Don Jacobson

Bob – Building online communities is notoriously difficult. I have seen countless efforts to start online communities for government employees wither away because they never quite reached critical mass. Creating an online community takes a very specific skill set, one that I don’t have but Steve Ressler most definitely does.

One of the great strengths of GovLoop is that it really seems to have reached the critical mass required to keeps a lot of interesting discussions going on. The discussions cover a lot of different topics, whether it’s Web 2.0, creativity, collaboration, HR stuff, or whatever. We as members can shape the conversation and add new ones according to our interests. In my case, I have tried to bring some discussion of leadership development issues to the group. I think this site has tremendous potential. It’s just a question of where we as members want to take it. Another advantage GovLoop has over a niche site is that your colleagues might come here for discussions of the cyber-electroinc environment, but then also find other topics of interest to them that keep them coming back to the site.

That’s just my two cents anyway.