Emi Whittle

Two best trips actually – one for a government grant to Austin, TX, to meet up for several days with tons of Youth Services providers in Texas! Just awesome to be surrounded by other people working tirelessly to better the lives of our nation’s youth!
The second, a government conference regarding Asian/Pacific Islander health issues – as a third generation Japanese American it was truly awesome and eye opening experience! I have always been completely immersed in “American” culture, so to suddenly be surrounded by a zillion Asian folk for several days was definitely a different “feeling”! AND, to get classes on specific cultural ideaologies and so much information on health issues – AMAZING! The bounus for this trip was enjoying San Francisco – and getting to visit with my family nearby!
I do SO wish that the government had more resources to provide these types of venues. I know people moan and groan about having to go to “boring” conferences or only going to see the sights, but they really can be SO SO SO worthwhile!!!